I have always exercised.  My entire life I have participated in team sports, had gym memberships, hiked a ton in my college years, hired personal trainers and enjoy being physically active.  My LOVE for food has always prevented me from being in good shape and really getting fit.

Two and a half years ago a close friend suggested I join her and try CrossFit.  I put her off for weeks.  She was persistent, knowing that if I just tried it; I would love it.  She took me to the gym during the CrossFit Open.  The first thing I noticed was the sense of community and camaraderie.  The next thing I noticed was a kipping HSPU (hand stand push up) and I thought… “OH HELL NO!  This is NOT for me.”  Are you kidding me with that seemingly impossible movement?! 

A week or two later I went to my first CrossFit Class.  Tahia was so welcoming and took time to make sure that I understood the movements and made modifications for me.  I had NEVER lifted weights like this.  The intimidation and lack of confidence I felt was overwhelming at times, but I showed up EVERY day.  Learning new skills and techniques was fun.  The stronger I was getting the more confidant I became.  Tahia’s ability to make me feel comfortable in this foreign setting helped me a lot!  When I first started I could barely do the movements with an empty barbell, but the encouragement and support from Tahia and the sense of community I felt from other members of our class was enough to keep me coming back day after day.  What didn’t change is what I was putting into my mouth.  I had the mindset of “I’m working hard every day in the gym… I should be able to eat whatever sounds good!”  Wrong!!

It took me a very long time to get my head around the fact that I could exercise my heart out, but if I was not fueling my body appropriately, I would never see the results I was looking for.   Tahia also recognized that I and others who consistently participated in class were not meeting our weight loss goals.   So, this AMAZING woman created the FLIP (Fat Loss Interval Program).  The program focuses on interval training, nutrition and daily habits.  A couple weeks into the program I noticed my body changing.  Things weren’t jiggling as much as they had in the past.  I started to see muscle definition in places I’d never seen before.  Within two months I was down 20 pounds and had lost over 7 inches!!   

With the FLIP program I do not feel deprived.  There are “cheat meals” built into the program so that I can still indulge (within reason).  There are parameters and guidelines.  The structure and accountability that Tahia has built into the program really helps me stay on track.

Tahia is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met.  She is committed to helping others meet their wellness goals.  Her coaching style is always supportive and encouraging.  Do not be intimidated or afraid to try a class.  The hour or so I spend in the MUDDER WHAT gym each day is seriously one of the best hours of my day.