Hi, my name is Destiny!  Last year I broke my ankle rock climbing and the recovery period was between six and seven months before I was cleared for normal activity.  Needless to say, I put on quite a bit of weight during that time and lost a lot of my strength.  Once cleared to resume working out, I tried getting into my old fitness routine, but wasn’t getting any results and felt weaker the longer I did it, rather than stronger.  I was also having a hard time getting my nutrition back to what my body needed.  After a few months of going at it alone and not getting anywhere, I was feeling extremely helpless and frustrated.

A friend recommended Ms. Tahia and her classes.  I was wary of the idea of a CrossFit class because my experience with them in the past involved the instructor’s main mode of inspiration to be public shaming and pushing you to the point of vomiting and injury.  My friend told me that was not how Tahia coached, so I decided to give it a try; and I’m so thrilled that I did!

Tahia is a phenomenal coach.  She pushes and challenges you but does not break you.  The other people in the class are extremely encouraging and up lifting.  Tahia has helped me not only lose weight, increase my strength and get my eating back on track, but has also given me a community of wonderful people to workout alongside of.  I workout at the 5am class, and on these days, not only have I done something to take care of my body, but I have also given my mind and emotions a sense of accomplishment and perseverance, which helps me to go through the rest of my day wanting to continue to do my best.  Mudder What has been beyond helpful to me and I am so thankful for them.