Meet Jill & Connie!  Jill is an I/T installer, whose job requires her to climb telephone poles, and enter different spaces in buildings; and Connie is a therapist.  Prior to joining Mudder What Fitness they’ve never worked out, and struggled with daily things required of them to perform their jobs, as well as living life comfortably.  A family member recommended they contact us about joining the gym, but they were VERY hesitant.  They were hesitant because of fear!  They were afraid of failure, afraid of being judged, and nervous at the thought of not being able to do something, BUT they took the first step and contacted us!  I am excited to report that not only did they do a trial class, but they signed up and have now been with us for the last 30 days!

We started with a plan to be consistent, show up 3 days a week, learn the movements and the proper techniques, and enjoy the process.  We met separate from classes in a small group environment to get comfortable and focus on the foundational movements.  They’ve moved to regular classes within 2 weeks and have been doing EVERYTHING, just the same as other members, and are loving it.

They have seen so much improvement and progress in the gym in the last 30 days, as well as healthy changes at home.  They have more confidence, they’ve built strength and discovered new muscles, lost a number of inches in their arms (batwings), chest, waist, hips and core and are getting ready to buy smaller clothes.  Some of the simple things in life are easier now, like picking up things from the bottom shelves in the kitchen…it’s the little things that matters.  They are making better food choices by cutting out grains and sugars, drinking more water, quit smoking, and catch themselves working out and doing things while not in the gym…like lunging while on the job, and doing Russian twists while watching tv.

Here’s what they had to say:  We love it!  Of all the fears that we had in the beginning, we have not felt any of it one bit.  The coaching has been positive and motivating, and it this is the start of a new and healthy lifestyle change for us.  We enjoy it, thank you for everything.

Congratulations on getting through your first 30 days ladies!  We are so proud of how far you have come and look forward to accomplishing your next goals!