My name is Sarah and I have been an EMT for three years. I have been applying with fire departments for a couple years, and eventually got burned out with the whole testing process. It can get quite discouraging! I let my CPAT expire, so in August I was signed up to take it. I had felt good about my preparation leading up to it, and suprise!!!…I ran out of time on the LAST event! Noooo! Needless to say I felt even more discouraged and bummed out. After a couple weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I peeled myself off the couch and got back into the gym. My goal was to retake the CPAT in early November.
I was fortunate enough to hear about Mudder What!!! Fitness through South Pierce Fire and Rescue. I was told they offer CPAT prep specifically and were highly recommended. I contacted Tahia and inquired about the CPAT prep. My first day training with her was October 4th. I had only SIX WEEKS to prepare for my next CPAT! *Gasp!*
I have always enjoyed the gym and challenging myself, but Tahia brings a whole new level of training that will challenge you, no matter what your fitness level is. She is encouraging and always has a positive and upbeat attitude, but will also not let you quit and pushes you to challenge yourself and push past your mental barrier that tells you “you can’t”. Training with Tahia is extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. It wont be easy, but it will so be worth it!!! (She has made me hate leg day, when for years that has been my favorite!)  There is a sign by the front door that says “What may seem impossible today, will one day be your warm up!!” Remember that, and know that every day you are busting your butt in the gym is another day closer to your goal.
Whether you do crossfit classes or one on one training like I do, Tahia and Arona greet you every time you walk in the door and make you feel a part of the Mudder What!!! Family! They are very flexible and work with your schedule to get you in either before or after work. Being an EMT, sometimes I don’t always get off on-time, and Tahia has even stayed late for me to get my session in which I truly appreciated.
Now that I have passed my CPAT and will be attending fire academy in January, I am starting my new weight lifting challenge/journey with Tahia in strongman!  (And by the way, I took my CPAT in early November and passed with 45 seconds to spare! I knocked over a minute off my previous time in six weeks with Tahia!)